Secrets of an Award-Winning Portfolio Manager - Morgan Stanley's Vishal Gupta

Morgan Stanley’s award-winning portfolio manager Vishal Gupta shares how he incorporates decision analytics into his investment process and conversations with investors.

Decision Analytics for Hedge Fund Managers - G2's Josh Goldberg

G2 Investment Partners’ lead portfolio manager Josh Goldberg shares how he uses behavioral analytics to optimize decision-making in his long/short equity hedge fund.

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Selecting Managers Based on Skill - Harbor Capital's Kristof Gleich

The new manager assessment tools every PM and allocator should be using to stay in the game, as shared by president and CIO of Harbor Capital Advisors, Kristof Gleich.

Measuring Skill, Not Past Performance - Baird's Jonathan Good

Baird’s award-winning portfolio manager Jonathan Good discusses the impact of behavioral analytics on his investment team’s decision-making.

Psychology of Golf & Investing - Dr. Gio Valiante

Renowned performance coach Dr. Gio Valiente returns to our Behavioral Alpha webinar series to explore the parallels between superstar golfers and the best of the best investors.

Information as a Basis for Improvement - Michael Mauboussin

Wall Street investment strategist, author, and professor Michael Mauboussin shares how timely and accurate feedback can improve long-term outcomes for investment organizations.

Capital Allocators: Lessons Learned - Ted Seides

Podcast sensation Ted Seides shares the wisdom he’s garnered from his interviews with some of the best minds in investment management.

Case Study: Behavioral Analytics in the Real World - NN Investment Partners' PM Nicolas Simar

Nicolas Simar, senior PM at NN Investment Partners, shares how Essentia Analytics enabled his team to succeed on behalf of investors.

Fearless Performance - Dr. Gio Valiante

From the domain of sports to the domain of investing, Dr. Gio Valiante has an illustrious track record of improving individual and team performance through his Fearless approach.

Cognitive Diversity on Your Team - Christine Scordato

Asset management team coach Christine Scordato explores the value of cognitive diversity in investment teams.

Intro to Behavioral Bias Mitigation - Dr. Philip Maymin

Analytics professor and former fund manager Dr. Philip Maymin shares how to mitigate the cognitive biases that can adversely affect investment decision-making.

How to Decide - Annie Duke

From the professional poker table to the trading pit, Annie Duke joins us to discuss high-stakes decision-making tools from her new book, How to Decide.

Behavioral Analytics - What Every Allocator Should Know

Essentia Analytics CEO and founder Clare Flynn Levy shows how allocators are using behavioral analytics to assess managers through a new lens.

Defining Investment Conviction - Denise Shull

Leading Wall Street performance coach Denise Shull explores how investment teams can turn conviction into alpha.

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