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Defining Investment Conviction

Understanding certainty and its impact on decision-making performance

This webinar was recorded live on September 23rd, 2020. Click here to attend our next event. 

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Are you measuring conviction clearly and consistently?
Can you articulate it to clients and colleagues?
To what extent does conviction actually relate to alpha generation?


New research from Essentia shows that many equity portfolio managers consistently generate alpha in the positions where they show the most conviction and put more capital to work. Yet for most, it remains a highly subjective and ill-defined aspect of investment risk-taking.

Join leading Wall Street performance coach Denise Shull and host, Essentia CEO Clare Flynn Levy, for a free 45 minute webinar that explores the effect conviction has on our portfolio decision-making.



Denise Shull - Investment Performance Coach
Denise Shull, Guest Speaker

Investor coach, author and founder of The ReThink Group

Often called the “real-life Wendy” (after Wendy Rhoades – the performance coach in the hit series Billions), Denise is a former head trader and renowned Wall Street shrink. She has over 21 years working with professional investors and traders and is founder of The ReThink Group, a performance and investment psychology practice. She’s a published author and appears regularly in the media, including the WSJ, FT, Bloomberg TV and CNBC.

Clare Flynn Levy, CEO & Founder Essentia Analytics
Clare Flynn Levy, Host

Founder & CEO, Essentia Analytics

Clare Flynn Levy is CEO & founder of Essentia Analytics. Prior to setting up Essentia, she spent 10 years as a fund manager, in both active equity (running over $1bn of pension funds for Deutsche Asset Management), and hedge (as founder and CIO of Avocet Capital Management, a specialist tech fund manager).


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