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Behavioral Analytics in Active Management
– What Every Allocator Should Know

Learn how portfolio managers use behavioral analytics to mitigate bias and improve investment decision-making

This webinar was recorded live on October 28th, 2020. Register here for news of our next event. 

Behavioral Analytics for Allocators Webinar

How well do you understand behavioral analytics and their use in active investment?
What new metrics are available when assessing investor skill and “bias risk”?
How do behavioral analytics dovetail with traditional methods of manager assessment?


A growing number of active portfolio managers are embracing behavioral analytics as a means to generate “Behavioral Alpha” – the excess portfolio return available from playing to one’s strengths, mitigating cognitive bias and making fewer mistakes. This new, data-driven focus on decision-making skill has important implications for allocators and the way that they assess and measure PM behavior and performance.

Join Essentia CEO Clare Flynn Levy for a free 45 minute educational webinar that will give you plenty of fodder for discussion with your asset managers.



Clare Flynn Levy, CEO & Founder Essentia Analytics
Clare Flynn Levy, Host

Founder & CEO, Essentia Analytics

Clare Flynn Levy is CEO & founder of Essentia Analytics. Prior to setting up Essentia, she spent 10 years as a fund manager, in both active equity (running over $1bn of pension funds for Deutsche Asset Management), and hedge (as founder and CIO of Avocet Capital Management, a specialist tech fund manager).


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