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Behavioral Alpha is a one-day thought leadership event for portfolio managers and investment leaders, focused on the application of behavioral science to active investment management.


Join forward-thinking investors for a fascinating event exploring how human decision-making is evolving in the light of recent developments in science and technology.


Maria Konnikova

Dr. Maria Konnikova

Author of Mastermind and The Confidence Game

A New York Times best-selling author, Maria graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University and received her Ph.D. in Psychology from Columbia University.

In 2018, while researching her next book, she learned to play poker from scratch, entered a competition and won over $200,000. “Emotional decision-making is exactly what poker is,” she said. “You can actually see it happening. Even the most mathematical stoic players are not computers”.

Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms

Authors of New Power

Recognised as visionaries by Fast Company and The Ford Foundation, Jeremy and Henry are of the world’s most prominent social movement pioneers.

In their co-authored book, New Power, How it’s Changing The 21st Century and Why You Need to Know, they draw on examples from business and culture to explain how old power works like a currency, whereas new power operates like a current, flowing through social channels to change the world.

Anastasi Buyalskaya

Anastasia Buyalskaya

Behavioral Scientist and Asset Management Changemaker

Now pursuing a PhD at Caltech, Anastasia was formerly VP of Behavioral Finance at BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager.

She has worked in London and New York, and operates at the bleeding edge of behavioral science application. As a former intrapreneur and consultant, Anastasia has launched a number of decision-making initiatives aimed at educating and improving investment processes for portfolio managers and their teams.

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  • Portfolio Managers

  • CIOs

  • Directors of Research

  • Heads of Strategy

  • COOs

  • Heads of Trading


Behavioral Alpha 2017 explored a range of key topics for asset management innovators. Guest speakers included:

Dan Ariely
Denise Shull
Dave Winsborough
Clare Flynn Levy

Mark Baumgartner
Cameron Hight
Paul Sonkin
Paul Johnson

“A well-paced, well-planned set of presentations and a very nice environment to meet interesting industry people with plenty of new ideas. Highly recommended.”

Geraud Charpin, Portfolio Manager, BlueBay Asset Management
Delegate, Behavioral Alpha 2017 

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In a market where there is little alpha left in being smarter or having access to better information, Behavioral Alpha – the gains generated by mitigating bias in investment decision-making – is the next big topic in fund management.

“Behavioral Alpha was an optimal way to learn about the roles cognitive bias, team dynamics, and other behavioral patterns/pitfalls can play in investment decisions and the investment process itself. A brilliant set of speakers – I could listen to them (and ask questions) for many days rather than just one!”

Dana Lambert, CFA, CAIA, Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch
Delegate, Behavioral Alpha 2017


Behavioral Alpha is an exclusive opportunity to connect with investment professionals, promote your thought leadership credentials, and provide your clients with a truly valuable peer interaction and education opportunity.

“The Behavioral Alpha conference attracts open-minded, forward-thinking managers that are looking for ways to improve. Exactly the kind of folks that sponsors want to meet.”

Cameron Hight – CEO, Alpha Theory
Behavioral Alpha 2017 Sponsor

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